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Welcome to LoLA - Log On Louisiana
What is LoLA?
Log On Louisiana (LoLA) is a powerful and new online tool that will allow you to completely manage your college activities. LoLA will be your 24/7, one stop resource.

You will use LoLA to do the following:
-- Monitor your financial aid application
-- Register for classes
-- Review your class schedule
-- Check on important upcoming dates
-- Catch up on campus news and announcements
-- Check grades and GPA

Logging into LoLA?
Already know your Login Information?
If you already have your user ID and password, you can log into LoLA now!

Need Your User ID and Password?

User Name: first name (+) last name (all in lowercase; no spaces) ex: janedoe
     May be different if multiple students have the same name.

Initial Password: first initial (+) last initial (+) date of birth MMDDYY (+) P@ss
      ex: Jane Doe, DOB 12-01-92 = jd120192P@ss

Need assistance with using LoLA?
Come to one of our Open Advising Sessions - see website for days and times of sessions, www.rpcc.edu

Want to view RPCC's current semester schedule?
View RPCC website for schedule or Click here for the Class Schedule Search.

How to Register?